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How to Sew a Sequin Beaded Embroidered Dress in 3 Hours!

How to Sew a Sequin Beaded Embroidered Dress in 3 Hours!

How to Sew a Sequin Beaded Embroidered Dress in 3 Hours!

We all love the look of sequin dresses, but there are very few sewers who can actually sew one. That’s why I was so excited to find this awesome embroidery dress blog from MYDfabric. If you’ve always wanted to sew a stunning sequin dress, but were intimidated by the sewing process, this article will give you a crash course in how to sew sequin dress. We’ll walk you through a simple and easy to follow article that will allow you to create a stunning dress in about three hours.


Select a Fabric

To make a dress with sequins, the first thing that you will need is some sequin beaded embroidered fabric. You can use any kind of fabric. You can buy some cheap fabric at the store or you can find fabric online. There are a lot of different kinds of fabric that you can use when you sew a sequin beaded embroidered dress. If you want to create an elegant embroidered dress, you can use silk or cotton fabric. These fabrics are soft and beautiful. For a more modern look, you can also use a polyester fabric. If you want to make a dress that will fit right into your closet, you can use a jersey fabric. This fabric is light and comfortable to wear. If you want to make a dress that will fit perfectly, you can use a satin fabric. This fabric is very soft and smooth. You can also use a lace fabric when you are making a beautiful dress.

Cut Your Pattern

The first step is to make your pattern. If you don’t have a pattern, you can purchase one at your local store or online. Then, you need to cut the fabric into a size that will fit your body. After that, use a ruler to draw the shape of your dress. You can draw it directly on the fabric or you can use a paper pattern. Next, you need to cut the pattern piece. When you are cutting the pattern piece, you need to measure carefully. The measurement is important because if you cut the piece too big, you can easily tear it. You can also cut the pattern piece too small and then you can have to remake the piece several times.

When you cut the pattern piece, you need to mark the seams so that you can sew the seams correctly. Make sure that the pattern piece doesn’t have any marks on it. Marking is a very important step because it makes it easier to sew.

Press and Iron Your Fabric

Make sure you press and iron your fabric before you begin sewing your dress. If you don’t, your dress will not turn out as well as you want it to. Pressing your fabric with an iron will strengthen the material and make it last longer. Make sure that you are ironing the right way. You need to press the fabric down in the direction of the grain. This will make the fabric stronger. Don’t use too much pressure, otherwise it will damage your material.

Sew the Back of the Dress

To make the back of the dress, you will need some thread, fabric, and safety pins. First, you will sew a straight line across the top of the dress with a sewing machine. Then, you will cut off a section of the dress so that it fits around the waist. Cut off the bottom hem. Use safety pins to attach the front of the dress to the back of the dress. Put on the dress and make sure everything looks right.

Make Your Sequin Beaded Embroidered Dress

After cutting the fabric, sew the seams. Next, use the scissors to cut the beads out of the fabric. Use the embroidery needle and thread to stitch the beads to the fabric. Make sure that you have enough embroidery thread, as you will need some of it to attach the beads to the fabric.


Hope this blog will help you. If you don’t go well, try it more times. Practice is important. And if you want to know more about fabric sewing and get high quality sequin beaded embroidered fabric, check out our website where you can learn a lot.

How to Sew a Sequin Beaded Embroidered Dress in 3 Hours! -

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